Kiru vs. Olive

August 23, 2009

Remember Olive? I found this acapella at the end of their debut album. Nice of them to share.

Kiru vs. Olive - You're Not Alone
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kiru vs. the beastie boys

August 21, 2009

gotta love the Beasties for releasing their acapellas out into the wild for all of us whackos to mess around with. This one is from ’06, when I was using the loop-based program called ACID 4. Bit heavy on the bass, but it’s still a fun one to bounce to. Again, hiphop meets DnB in a dark back alley on a rainy night. Who will win?

Kiru vs. Beastie Boys - Alive
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kiru vs. crown city rockers

I like hiphop that’s not all about gang bangers and misogyny… and I LOVE me some drum and bass. Put the two together, you have something special. This one’s been in my vault for a few years. May change it up, may not… Yeah, it’s a sickness.

Kiru vs. Crown City Rockers - Simple
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