August 24, 2009

I have a ton of “sketches”, 4 or 8 bars, that I get started on… then another bass line comes into my head, and I have to get that down before the muse disappears. This means I have hundreds of these bits neatly organized by year and date in folders on my hard drive. Some are good, some are pretty “meh”. I’m really trying to get the good ones completed, I swear. Got to start somewhere, so here we go, adding as created…

    Kiru - Tarkwa Bay
    Kiru - Temple Road
    Kiru - Country Roads
    Kiru - Walking Dub
    Kiru - Strictly Dub
    Kiru vs. Olive - You're Not Alone
    Kiru vs. Beastie Boys - Alive
    Kiru vs. Crown City Rockers - Simple
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