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August 21, 2009

Recently, I’ve been on a robot binge. There’s a site that has a bunch of incredibly talented model makers,, that I happened upon. At any rate, as a freelance graphic designer, on my slow days, I like to keep my Photoshop chops snappy, and I started to make composite images this week, using shots of the models the artists posted on the site with images I scoured from the web. Here’s one of my recent composites:

That nasty looking bio-mech perched on the building is a from scratch-built model called the Vrill Class 2 Hecaton, created by the extremely talented Luca Zampriolo. Yes, that thing was created by hand (needless to say, I’m saving up for one).

Back story to this image is your basic alien invasion, natch. The fireballs in the background are more Hecatons entering the atmosphere, their drop-pods burning off. They definately aren’t stealthy, and nothing scares the natives more than a good ‘ol meteor ripping through the atmoshpere. Not sure what the soldiers plan to do with those pea shooters, but what you gonna do?

Image credits: the amazing background art is by Andree Wallin, whose work I found here. You know where I got the Hecaton model shot… The soldiers in the foreground are two of our finest, in Afghanistan in ’07; we can only hope they made it home safely.

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