Slow Motion

August 10, 2010

Lunch break mix… showcasing some down-tempo work by some great artists.

“Lean Back Home”, by Rob Smith, from “One Way or Another”.

“Sigh’s Smell of Farewell”, by the Cocteau Twins, from “Love’s Easy Tears”.

“Flash of Joy”, by Smith & Mighty, from “Life Is”.

“I’ll Bet You Thought I’d Never Find You”, by United Future Organization.

“It’s A Long Road”, by Funki Porcini, from “Headphone Sex”.

“Homesick, Inc.”, by De-Phazz, from “Detunized Gravity”.

“You To Know”, by RSD.

“Guardian Stars”, By Green Vision

“L.P. Bacterium”, by Message2THEQL

“Deep Thoughts”, by Diferenz, from “Jazz Workshop”.

“Down & to the Left”, by Amon Tobin.

“Sid’s Mellow Trip”, by Thunderball, from “Ambassadors of Style”.

“Dubble”, by Funki Porcini.

Kiru - Slow Motion

Feel free to download

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Ital Is Vital, Vol.2

March 26, 2010

Slow day today… got the itch for another mix. Ranging from traditional roots, contemporary dub, finishing with some dubstep. As with yesterday’s mix, sound quality will vary with recording, just due to the age of some of these tracks. Those of you with subs (and I hope that’s all of you), brace yourself!

Set list:
1) “Bam Bam”, by Toots & The Maytals
2) “Leggo Beast”, by The Abyssinians, from “Satta Massagana”
3) “I’m A Rastaman”, by U-Roy, from “Smile A While”
4) “Easy Squeeze”, by The Gladiators, from “Country Living”
5) “Babylon’s Big Dog”, by Culture, from “Lion Rock”
6) “Closer”, by Smith & Mighty, from “Bass Is Maternal”
7) “Amid the Ether”, by Blue & Red, from “DJ Kicks -Smith & Mighty”
8 ) “Ghetto Girl”, by Simply Red (Blood & FIre Sound System Mix)
9) “Satan Control Them”, by Don Carlos, from “Deeply Concerned”
10) “Do Something For Yourself”, by Culture, from “Pay Day”
11) “Roots Man Skanking”, Freddie McGregor, from “Big Ship”
12) “Rebel Chase”, by Dennis Bovell, from “Strictly Dubwize”
13) “Star”, by Gregory Isaacs, from “Out Deh!”
14) “Night Life Lady”, by Half Pint, from “Victory”
15) “Jump For Jah”, by Ini Kamoze, from “Statement”
16) “Struggling Youth”, by Israel Vibration, from “On the Rock”
17) “What An Agony”, by The Itals, from “Cool and Dread”
18) “Must Be Jah”, by Horace Andy, from “Life Is For Living”
19) “Far Away Dub”, by Israel Vibration, from “Dub Vibration”
20) “Warren Dub”, by Morphy from “The Dubtopia EP”
21) “Deep Pools”, by Ital Tek, from “Cyclical”

Kiru - Ital Is Vital Vol 2

Feel free to download

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Ital is Vital

March 25, 2010

Made this mix during lunch break… A sampling of the literal metric ton of reggae albums I have. Lots of memories for me buried in this audio. Ah, lost youth…

Set list:
1) “Trouble You A Trouble Me”, by Ini Kamoze, from self-titled Debut Album
2) “Wicked Collie”, by Sister Carol, from “Jah Disciple”
3) “Moses Dub”, by U-Roy, from “Babylon Kingdom Must Fall”
4) “Every Time I Her the Sound”, by Mutabaruka, from “Check It”
5) “Mi Revalueshanary Fren”, by Linton Kwesi Johnson, from ” Tings ‘An Times”
6) “Holy Mt. Zion”, by Freddie McGregor, from “Big Ship”
7) Walk With Jah”, by Culture, from “Trust Me”
8 ) “Tradition”, by Burning Spear, from “Garvey’s Ghost”
9) “Collie Man”, by Bunny Wailer, from “Rootsman Skanking”
10) “Addis Ababa”, by Culture, from “One Stone”
11) “Cost of Living”, by Half Pint, from “Victory”
12) “Reggae on the River”, by Israel Vibration, from “Forever”
13) “Don’t Blame It On Me”, by The Itals, from “Rastaman Philosophy”
14) “Street 66″, by Linton Kwesi Johnson, from “Bass Culture”
15) “Repatriation Dub”, by Xterminator feat. Cocoa Tea, from “MLK Dub”
16) “Tarkwa Bay”, by Kiru
17) “Material Man”, by Gregory Isaacs, from “Night Nurse”
18) “Looks Is Deceiving”, by The Gladiators, from “Dreadlocks the Time Is Now”
19) “Front Door”, by Gregory Isaacs, from “Once Ago”
20) “Sweet Africa”, Don Carlos, from “Time Is the Master”
21) “DJ CHoice”, by Mad Professor, from “Escape to the Asylum of Dub”

Kiru - Ital Is Vital Vol1

Feel free to download

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Tarkwa Bay

December 16, 2009

Another dub from memories of childhood in Nigeria. To me, reggae evokes day to day living, work, walking, the movement of bodies in streets. Tarkwa was a beach outside of Lagos that ran for miles, peppered by vendors selling peanuts in old bottles. For some reason, the memory of seeing a woman carrying a heavy load on her head, her figure shimmering in the haze of heat from the beach, stuck in my head when I laid down the bassline.

Kiru - Tarkwa Bay
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Temple Road

November 30, 2009

A thanksgiving dub; memories of childhood, 5 Temple Road, Ikoyi Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Kiru - Temple Road
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Country Roads

November 23, 2009

“Dog and puss, them wear a rain coat, hafi laugh an’ take it fi a joke”

Kiru - Country Roads
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Walking Dub

August 23, 2009

Did this dub track this weekend. Roots style jump-up with some electronics for good measure. Enjoy…

Kiru - Walking Dub
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Kiru vs. Olive

Remember Olive? I found this acapella at the end of their debut album. Nice of them to share.

Kiru vs. Olive - You're Not Alone
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comic book guy would approve…

August 22, 2009

Last week, the New York Times website had a small article about a comic book writer that is basing a new series on the current war in Uganda. It’s called Unknown Soldier, by Joshua Dysart.

What I found so compelling about this topic is that fact that Africa has been in various states of war for as long as I can remember; as of today, children are forced into lives as “soldiers”, and the Congo is the rape capital of the world…¬†yet our mainstream media never seems to cover it.

It also resonated with me since my father was in Uganda during the Idi Amin regime, and came a hair’s breath away from being shot in cold blood by soldiers at an impromptu checkpoint. Only some quick thinking kept him alive… he overheard that one of the soldiers had his name, Richard, and convinced the soldier that he would be haunted for the rest of his life.

This comic isn’t about super heroes, it’s about the harsh reality of life in a beautiful nation that seems to have lost it’s way. Check it out.

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shameless plugging…

My father wrote a great fiction novel in ’04 that combines his 26 years of experience in various non-profits in Africa and the Middle East with, well, fictional events. It’s called Incident on the Termez Road. We recently set up a blog for him to generate more sales, called Murderer’s Odyssey, which can be checked out here. You can also check out an excerpt (PDF) from the novel here.

If you enjoy political action thrillers in the vein of Ludlum, etc., this is a very good read.  Incredibly topical, even though it was written 5 years ago. A little chilling, in fact, how little has changed in the world, as far as conflict and strife.

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